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About PBL

PBL stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning.

The PBL program is based on the strategies found on the PBIS site and backed up by positive results in the schools that have adopted it. This part of our school website is dedicated to providing information and resources that we use at Goulburn Public School to encourage all our students to be Safe, Respectful, Responsible Learners.

Goulburn Public School commenced PBL in 2017 and we are working hard to initiate the program.

Green Grins

Students are given Green Grins when the show PBL Values and follow school expectations. These Green Grins can be redeemed for rewards at our PBL Shop each week.


In 2018 our students voted and selected 'Puppa-Roo' as our PBL mascot.

PBL Student of the Week

Each week, a student is selected who has shown excellent PBL values. One student is chosen from K-2 and one from 3-6. See out newsletter for the latest recipient.

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